Lowest Bid

If you are looking for multiple solar installation vendors that can offer the best bids on each of your closed sites, then our platform is a perfect place to look out. Our website allows us to provide you with access to multiple installer companies and freelance teams at once so that you can compare their

How it Works

Are you looking a Solar Company wishing to lock in a solar installation deal with one of the best bids in your area? If so, you can do it by using our project placement tool. It allows you to search for solar installers in your area and compare their bids side-by-side. You can then pick

What’s in for installers

The solar installers can submit their bids for solar power projects as per their choice. They can quote item and scope wise. Panel or per Watt installation rates. They can place bids on complete project or by parts (mechanical works, electrical commissioning, electronic programming). There is a wide scope to optional provide Service-Level-Agreements and consolidate

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Contract Owners

Employer can

  • Be sure of confidentiality with our NDA
  • Enforce penalties for unsatisfactory results
  • Engage 3rd party evaluation with work completion reports

Service Providers

Technicians can

  • Build your profile and showcase your work to attract
  • Reach trust mark as preferred installer team
  • Avail checklist templates like troubleshooting and bill of materials

BidSolar aims to create a tech-enabled solar ecosystem by using its data-driven technology tools which ultimately digitize the complete process and help you in business development.